The Global Asthma Report 2022

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Vision 2030 sets out the directions, objectives, and commitments that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) seeks to increase citizens' well-being and quality of life. This can only be achieved through promoting physical, psychological and social well-being. KSA has made notable progress in improving the health of its population over recent decades, particularly in primary and secondary prevention of non-communicable diseases.

The National Global Asthma Network study

The National Asthma Control Program (NACP) conducted the first national study across 20 regions in the country as part of GAN Phase I to estimate the prevalence of asthma and allergies and their related risk factors.

The prevalence of asthma in KSA in the last national study as part of GAN Phase I was estimated to be 10.4%, 13.3%, and 14.2% in children 6-7, 13-14 years and adults.

Guidelines and training

The NACP in collaboration with experts in asthma and allergy have standardised asthma management through publishing national guidelines for health professionals regularly and updating them based on the Saudi Initiative for Asthma Guidelines (SINA) and Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines (GINA).

Moreover, to ensure standardised and best health services, NACP conducts continuous training activities for health workers including on-site and online training programmes based on updated national guidelines.

Health Services

Patient education is done at different levels like Public Health Centres (PHCs), hospitals and schools concerning symptoms and signs, common misconceptions, inhaler technique, treatment adherence, and preventive measures.

Alongside regular patient monitoring in clinics, KSA invests in digital health applications like an online asthma control test for public and telemedicine services.

With governmental support asthmatic patients have easy access to all health care levels and medications are freely available for dispensation at PHCs, hospitals and commercial pharmacies through an elctronic system (Wasafty service).

Shaker A Alomary, Wael A Althagafi, Izzeldin F Adam, Omneya E Elsherif, Ahmed J Almadani, Aljoharah A Alabdullah

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Patient Story

A 20 year old female known case of bronchial asthma started to have a cough and shortness of breath.

She decided to try the online video consultation service by Sehaty App. The doctor noticed she couldn't complete a sentence and asked her to seek urgent medical care. Thanks to digital health, the patient received healthcare and her life was saved.  

Shaker A Alomary, Wael A Althagafi, Izzeldin F Adam, Omneya E Elsherif, Ahmed J Almadani, Aljoharah A Alabdullah

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