Asthma may affect as many as 334 million people.

The Global Asthma Report 2014


The Global Asthma Network (GAN) Steering Group would like to thank The Union for its generous support of the Global Asthma Reports 2011 and 2014, and all the activities of GAN to date. We also appreciate the support of the University of Auckland, which has provided facilities for GAN.

We would like to thank all of the authors who contributed to the chapters, and all of those around the world who collected data for this second Global Asthma Report. In particular we would like to acknowledge Eamon Ellwood, Website Manager, for the development and production of the report. The editing group were Innes Asher, Philippa Ellwood, Karen Bissell, David Strachan, Neil Pearce, Janet McAllister and Catherine Gilchrist.

We also acknowledge the enormously valuable contributions of our colleagues, participants and funders of ISAAC and The Union which underpin our work and this report.

Photographs were provided by Matthieu Zellweger on location in Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Ho-Chi-Minh City), and India (New Delhi), enabled by Professor Pakit Vichyanand (Thailand), Associate Professor Lan Thi Tuyet Lee (Vietnam), and Professor S K Sharma and Dr Ragesh R Nair (India). Matthieu Zellweger is represented and distributed by Haytham Pictures, Paris.

The design of the Global Asthma Report 2014 was undertaken by Eamon Ellwood in Auckland based on the Global Asthma Report 2011 designed by Gilles Vérant in Paris.


Report cover: Matthieu Zellweger
Home page: Gary Hampton,Matthieu Zellweger, Scott Wallace
Foreword:Matthieu Zellweger, Christopher Black
Executive Summary:Gary Hampton
Recommendations:Jan van den Hombergh, Matthieu Zellweger
Global Asthma Network:Matthieu Zellweger
Global Burden of Disease due to Asthma:Gary Hampton, Matthieu Zellweger
Hospital Admissions for Asthma:Matthieu Zellweger
Asthma Mortality:Matthieu Zellweger
Wheezing in Infants:Matthieu Zellweger, Damien Schumann
Economic Burden of Asthma:Scott Wallace, Tran Thi Hoa
Factors Affecting Asthma:Matthieu Zellweger, Damien Schumann
National Asthma Strategies:Matthieu Zellweger
National Asthma Management Guidelines:Matthieu Zellweger, Asthma Foundation of New Zealand
Access to Quality-Assured, Affordable Asthma Medicines:Matthieu Zellweger
Quality of Inhalers:Matthieu Zellweger
Asthma Management in Low-Income Countries:Gary Hampton, Matthieu Zellweger
Short Courses Relevant to Asthma Research and Policy:Matthieu Zellweger
Asthma as a Lung Health Priority in Low- and Middle-Income Countries:Jad Davenport, Matthieu Zellweger
Asthma as an NCD Priority:Matthieu Zellweger
Maps, Data, and Resources:Shehzad Noorani
Glossary:Asthma Foundation of New Zealand
References: Matthieu Zellweger
Authors: Matthieu Zellweger
Acknowledgements:Gary Hampton, Matthieu Zellweger

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